Amanita, who typically goes by Nita, is a mushroom fairy who guards a fairy ring of bioluminescent mushrooms located nearby Trickfoot Castle. She is constantly pulling tricks and pranks on others to teach lessons or to spice up their day.

Appearance Edit

Nita is an 8 inch tall fairy with dark teal skin, faintly glowing mushrooms for hair, and translucent dragonfly wings. She wears dark brown armor made of fallen tree bark and carries a mushroom-covered twig that she uses to channel her Primal magic.

Personality Edit

Nita is a trickster at heart, although her pranks are generally good natured and intended to be either fun or a learning experience for those she pulls them on, although the pranked may not see it that way. She only pulls malicious pranks on those she sees as abusing their power or disrespecting nature. She fits in easily to most social situations, and tends to be easily forgiven for the tricks that she plays.

History Edit

From the moment she was born, Nita felt a strong connection with a particular ring of bioluminescent mushrooms, one of many magical mushroom rings which support the barrier protecting Trickfoot Castle. She studied in Sylvan Order as a Seedling and a Sapling, working towards joining the Practitioners. However, before taking the test and becoming a Root, she decided to abandon her studies and instead dedicate herself to guarding her mushroom ring.

Adventures Edit

To be had!

Statline Edit

Brawn 1
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Willpower 3
Presence 3