Welcome to the Awful Squad Jr West Marches Wiki!

This is for the Awful Squad Junior West Marches game! A drop in/drop out multi player and GM experience!

What is it?Edit

ASJ West Marches is a game using the Genesys system, set in a Redwall-esque world of mouse knights, fairy wizards, crab merchants and terrifying enormous catfish monsters!

Click here for basic information and how to get started making your own character. A list of playable species can be found here.

For past session info, see Session Summaries.

Latest activity Edit

Name Species Player
Perry Bird Pilot
Amanita (Nita) Fairy Kasey
Tenderwing Fairy Natalie
Slipper Bird Riley
Ser Berry Rodent Alice
Pondweed Frog Connor
Kipling Crab Alex
Awk Lizard Codex