Hello, and welcome to West Marches!

This is a drop in/drop out game where anybody can gm a session and anyone can play. You're not expected to hit every or even MOST sessions, but it's a collaborative world between everyone.

Plot Edit

We are a bunch of v small people, (you can check Playable Species for more info), and we live in our castle home! We've never traveled past the edge of the Mushroom forest, and the creek has recently flooded this area. Our Peninsula is safe, but a group of adventurers are finally going to head out and explore!

Map Edit

Hey whattup this the map


Tight, but what game tho? Edit

Right now we're thinking about playing Genesys! Which is Fantasy Flight Games Narrative Dice system. I like it a lot, but we are also open to other suggestions!

Okay But How Do I Make A Character? Edit

Once you have read the Genesys book, you should have a pretty good understanding of what you need to do. There's a skills section for the applicable skills. The one thing you might wonder is, how much experience do I have to start with. You get however much your species starts with, plus the following amount of experience.

Base Experience 60 exp

This number can and will go up. Every character gains experience equal to half of the experience the people in the session gained at the end of a session; this means the above value is just for starting characters! If you want to know how much experience you gained from a session you missed, you'll have to check the individual session descriptions.

Trickfoot Castle (Meet the Characters!) Edit