Some GMs like to play with certain house rules! Genesys totally encourages this, and so do we. Some of y'all might have house rules that you like from outside of these games that you want to bring in and use in your games - go for it! They might catch on.

Obviously in this game, some of the rules are already different from the default Genesys rules (see: magic and how it works, the species, etc). Those sort of agreed upon things aren't really house rules, but that does mean that they're open to discussion and change! If we, as a group, don't like how certain rules work, feel free to discuss them on discord and we can make changes.

This page is for personal rules, rather than the big stuff that affects everyone. If your house rules are impinging on those general changes, you probably want to ask the players if they're okay with you using them before play starts.

Lists of House Rules Edit

Add yourself to this list when you GM either under someone else's list of house rules, or make your own!

Riley's Rules Edit

Used by: Riley, and Natalie.

  • You can trade 4 advantages on a roll in for a single success.
  • You can spend story points retroactively on a roll to upgrade it (replacing a green die with a yellow)
  • You can spend a story point to reroll all blank positive dice (dice with no successes, advantages, or triumphs on their face) in your dice pool