Kipling is a hermit crab merchant constantly on the look out for new and exciting treasures. Now, what exactly is and isn't a treasure to Kipling only they understand.

Appearance Edit

Kipling is a little purple crab about 4 inches long, currently living in a 6 inch pink tulip seashell. They wear a patchwork frock made of their most beloved fabric scraps. The shell is constantly covered in various odds and ends, all available for trade or purchase. Rumor has it they stash especially "valuable" items within the shell as well, but no one's really cared to check.

Personality Edit

Methodical and patient with friends and customers, Kipling is nevertheless quite excitable when it comes to the acquisition of wonderful "treasures". They are constantly jumping from trade to trade, never quite satisfied with their current haul. Although keenly aware of the normal value of items, they seem to have a separate, inscrutable scale on which things actually exist.

History Edit

All their life Kipling has lived in Trickfoot Castle, serving as the local trader and notorious garbage rummager. Confident that greater treasures are to be found beyond the castle walls, they now set out, leaving their young cousin Jansport in charge of the shop.

Statline Edit

Brawn 3
Agility 2
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 3