The Praungle are a species of Prawn people to West in the Marshes. First contact was made by Awk, and did not go very well. They could not communicate, Awk ran away, and the Praungle ended up throwing their spear at Ser Berry.

Marsh Praungle Community Edit

Location: 7 Hexes East of Trickfoot

They were intolerant of outsiders and afraid of losing their mushroom stores, which they need for the winter. After a significant encounter with some adventurers, the Praungles were introduced to the concept of spices and this has changed their perspective significantly. The small community is no longer intolerant, but are now obsessed with getting food that tastes good.

It is known that the praungles have good artists among them, and now know about the existence of mouse knights, as the one that Berry encountered showed a very detailed sketch of her to his town.