Ser Berry is a Dormouse Knight of Trickfoot Castle. She is a Blossomed member of the Sylvan Knights. She is valiant, eager, genuine and nervous. She has a trusty mount / partner, an otter called Lemongrass.

Appearance Edit

Berry is a short brown dormouse. She has black ears, and a long tail with a black spot halfway.

She wears a reinforced fairy grass chain shirt to her knees, covered by a tabard with the Trickfoot Castle heraldry, a short red shouldercape, and a sallet helmet with little flaps covering the ears.

She wields a large kite shield with the same heraldry and a leaf broadsword, her oathsword, called Bravery.

Personality Edit

Ser Berry is committed to her career as a knight and takes it very seriously. She earnestly believes in everything the chivalric code stands for and is ready and eager to go out there and prove herself.

At the same time, she has little field experience and sometimes has a hard time figuring out how the chivalric rules apply to actual, real life situations.

Berry spent the last few dormouse years training with her fellow knights and has not socialized with civilians much. She has a fascination with fairies.

Family & Relationships Edit

Ser Berry followed in the footsteps of her late mother, Ser Penn, who she idolizes. She talks to a tapestry of her mother hung in the great hall of the knight headquarters before and after missions.

Berry's partner Lemongrass is like a sibling to her, but she also has five actual younger siblings, who she looks after when they need it. She is the only knight in the family.

Berry's superior, Ser John, is a friend of her mother's and a bit like a father.

Berry considers Perry and Tenderwing her friends.

The Trickfoot Chivalric Code Edit

Berry religiously follows the Trickfoot Chivalric Code, which reads:

  1. To serve the liege in valour and faith.
  2. To live by honour and for glory.
  3. To protect the weak and defenceless.
  4. To refrain from the wanton giving of offence.
  5. To despise pecuniary reward.
  6. To fight for the welfare of all.
  7. To guard the honour of fellow knights.
  8. To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit.
  9. To at all times speak the truth.
  10. To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.
  11. To never refuse a challenge from an equal.
  12. To never turn the back upon a foe.

Statline Edit

Brawn 4
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 1
Presence 2