In Genesys, there are a number of skills you can use to do stuff. We're gonna talk about the skills we are using in this game here! A more thorough description of what the skills we're using do is in the Genesys Core Rulebook, on page 52.

Skill OverviewEdit

Combat skills are used to make combat checks; you'll be using these to attack.

Skill Name Characteristic
Melee (Light) Brawn
Melee (Heavy) Brawn
Ranged Agility
Brawl Brawn

Knowledge skills are used to figure out what your character knows.

Skill Name Characteristic
Nature Intellect
Lore Intellect
The Outside Intellect

Magic Skills are used to cast spells (see page 210 of the Genesys Core Rulebook). Arcane, Primal, and Divine magics are as in the Genesys Core Rulebook, and Verse is like bardic magic.

Skill Name Characteristic
Arcane Intellect
Primal Cunning
Divine Willpower
Verse Presence

Social skills are used to interact with other characters.

Skill Name Characteristic
Charm Presence
Coercion Willpower
Deception Cunning
Leadership Presence
Negotiation Presence

General skills are used to do the vast majority of actions outside of combat.

Skill Name Characteristic
Alchemy Intellect
Athletics Brawn
Cool Presence
Coordination Agility
Discipline Willpower
Mechanics Intellect
Medicine Intellect
Operating Intellect
Perception Cunning
Resilience Brawn
Riding Agility
Skullduggery Cunning
Stealth Agility
Streetwise Cunning
Survival Cunning
Vigilance Willpower