The Sylvan Order is a large collective of people that work directly under the and for Sylvia The Tree. They are separated out into five separate sections: , The Practicioners (Medicines), The Providers (Agriculture), The Archivists (Teachers and Historians), The Wardens (Knights and Protectors), and the Wanderers (Exploration).

Each sect is called an Order, and the entire thing is joined by prospectives at a young age. They go through schooling and training until they take a test which sorts them into one of the Orders. Every student gets sorted and makes it, it just depends on where their strengths lie.

The Sylvan Order Levels Edit

There are five levels of the Sylvan Order. Seedling, Sapling, Root, Blossomed, Ancients. When youth come to the school, they are immediately declared Seedlings. They stay in this level through their maturation into young adults, where they are considered Saplings. Saplings declare for a Order to study towards, even though they might not make it into that Order.

They stay Saplings until they hit the threshold for adulthood, and become a Root. Roots are officially sorted into an Order, and they will stay there for the rest of their time with the Sylvans. They take a long test, with both verbal and physical elements. it is impossible to fail this test. Each one just puts you in a different group.

At that point, they grow into Blossomed, which is where most Sylvans peak, and then the finest go on to be Ancients, and lead the school for future generations. Others become Snags, and retire.

The Practitioners Edit


The Providers Edit


The Archivists Edit

The Archivists are researchers and librarians. They are led by Meritt, the librarian spider. Perry is also a member.

The Wardens Edit

See Sylvan Knights.

The Wanderers Edit

The Wanderers report to Ser John. Two Wanderers have been met; a pair of ants called Voice and Hand.