Trickfoot Castle is full of a many different sections, including a bustling commerce and market district.

Here is a list of the different businesses.

Retail Edit

The Pincushion (Tailor) Edit

Run by Pip the Hedgehog and Aster the Orbweaver Spider, they are tailors and seamstresses whomst we love.

Jansport the Hermit Crab (General Store) Edit

Jansport is a local traveling general store.

Pit & Pat Edit

Pit & Pat is a blacksmith owned by Pit & Pat, who are a Horned Hercules Beetle and a Rat. Pat does the weaponsmith and Tools work, and Pit does the armor.

Perry's Apothecary Edit

Gone With The Wind Edit

A Theater that is owned by Socksnsandles and Stiletto, they put on youth productions with their family.

That's a Wrap! Edit

A Hamster owned diner where everything is served as a lettuce wrap